People always look for an ‘about’ page on blogs and websites, so I chose not to exclude one. However I firmly believe that works of media and entertainment, like stories and articles, should exist independent of their creator. If you need to understand the author to understand the story, then I don’t think it’s a very good story. It should reflect something universal, something the creator saw in themselves that you can also see in yourself. Therefore, I won’t be telling you about myself. Instead, draw what you will about me from what I write, free from the prejudices of who I am as a person that you would receive from a biography.

Having said that, this about page is about my blog itself. It is my hope to coalesce things that all people feel into a work of fiction, so that by reading it, it will evoke an emotion from you that can be shared with anyone else who reads the same thing. In short, that’s why I write, to make readers feel. I’m not very good at it yet, but I won’t improve without practice. Hence this blog. I write, you comment and critique, and I get better so I can write you better things. I am most passionate about fiction, but I’ll be expanding my style to other things too, hopefully. So enjoy, and let me know what you think.


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