Riley’s Blog – Entry 2

Emotion is what drives me. Emotion is what I want to capture in my writing. Emotions are also what drives you, what drives everyone. They are everything to us. Action movies are exciting because they can pull make us feel, powerfully. Watching Leonardo DiCaprio crawl out of a shallow grave after being attacked by a bear puts goosebumps on the back of by neck and gives me a shot of adrenaline. (If you haven’t seen the trailer for the referenced movie, “The Revenant”, go here.) Romance makes us feel affection, Horror makes us feel fright, and Drama makes us feel sorrow. Without emotion, all creative media is dead. So I write about things that make me feel, powerfully, in a way that does the same, in the hopes it that you will make you feel the way I do.
I don’t know as of yet whether this is folly or not. I’m still new to the writing game, and I don’t know what works and what doesn’t. But in the hopes that I am an average person, and what works for me will work for a lot of people, I write. If you’ve read anything I’ve written on here so far, you’ve probably gathered that what I write about is kind of dark. I wouldn’t say I’m a naturally negative person, at worst I’m nihilistic. But negative stories can get a feeling out of me. Seeing despair and horror moves me. I started reading a collection of H.P. Lovecraft and had to stop because it disturbed my sleep to the point that I couldn’t get rest at night. I’d have nightmares, wake up in the middle of the night, and never actually manage a REM cycle. I loved it. I swore H.P. Lovecraft was legitimately a sorcerer that imbued his works with a curse.
In contrast, arguably
my favorite book series in “The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy.” Despite rereading it and realizing how silly and childish it is, I holds a special place in my heart. My genre of choice is Sci-Fi and Fantasy, and Hitchhikers has it in the most ridiculous ways. Every sentence is either humorous or thought-provoking (usually the latter). But what really cemented it in my top 3+ books was a passage about how alone Arthur felt when he was stranded for 5 years on a prehistoric planet without Ford Prefect, who’d been there with him since Earth was destroyed. Here I was having a great time reading about the comic adventures of Arthur and Ford and suddenly I was struck with such a feeling of ennui that I had to put the book down. Adams did such a good job conveying that feeling of isolation, and I immediately fell in love with his writing. I recommend you just go read them, and then the Dirk Gently books too.
So I like to feel. Even when it sorrow or pain. Because it makes me feel alive. That’s why I write, that’s what I want to do. And now that it’s off my chest (again), I’ll get back to writing stories. I’m been crazy busy this week and falling behind. Hopefully I can change that this weekend.

Riley’s Blog – Entry 2

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