So begins a blog

Hello everyone. This is the beginning of my blog. I suppose I should tell you a little bit about myself. I live in the United States. I aspire to be many things, one of which is a published author. What better way to make that happen and improve my writing than by starting a blog, right? That’s the hope at least. I’ll be posting personal stories, thoughts, fiction short-stories, maybe even a poem or two, who knows? This blog’s personality isn’t formed and thus mine with regards to it isn’t either yet. So I’ll spout off things and eventually everything will come together. I’m going to aim for three posts a week. Yes, I know this is a Friday but I’m not going to post the next three days in a row. Is this a bad time to mention I have no idea how to make a blog successful? Hopefully, if you’re reading this, it’s because you went back through months of awesome posts by me that you couldn’t stop reading and now you’re a little disappointed. But no worries, there will be more soon. Unless my latest post is entitled “My Blog Is Ending.” In either case, this note is sort of like time travel. Past me talking to future you. Now I feel like David Tennent.


So begins a blog

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